Rouge Bunny Rouge Discount Code

Rouge Bunny Rouge Discount Code


I was really excited to get a Christmas package from Rouge Bunny Rouge, they're a beauty brand I've wanted to try for ages, but haven't yet – making this review and swatch party all the more exciting. This is a luxury brand that first launched in Russia, and their Europe headquarters are in Germany, hence their online shop selling everything in Euros. They've also given me a 20% off discount code for you to try their gorgeous ranges too, so scroll through for beautiful makeup discount goodness at the end. The brand is all about Victoriana, ethereal beauty, enchanted gardens, and magic. Not only are the products themselves excellent quality, but the packaging design is so cute! I loved all the stars, butterflies, flowers and sea creatures.


Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid

Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush Gracilis


I'm all about the face in winter, as in trying to make the face look less like a shade of death warmed up. I apply blusher and highlighter with a trowel all year round to fake an inner glow, but in the colder months this ramps up a gear, and I need beautiful radiance giving formulas. I'm so pleased with Rouge Bunny Rouge's Original Skin blusher, it glides on like butter and blends so well. The shade they gave me (Gracilis) is a rose with a hint of mauve to warm up cooler toned skins, and it has a delicate satin sheen (not glitter!) that adds the radiance I was crying out for. I'm so excited about the two highlighters they gave me from their Seas of Illumination range. Sea of Tranquility is a champagne colour that would liven up any skin tone, whilst Sea of Clouds is a silver that gave my pale cheekbones an almighty sheen. They don't call it their "moonlight on the water" luminous effect for nothing – this baby catches the light and they are both very easy to use, with fantastic staying power. 


Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas Of Illumination Original Skin Blush


I wasn't sure about the Swell Bliss XXX Lip Plump when I first put it on, it was very bright pink at first. Half a minute or so later, without even blotting it, the Swell Bliss calmed down – it was less glossy but still dewy looking, and I was so surprised by the gorgeous 'your-lips-but-better' colour. The slight tingling that creates the lip plumping effect also lasted a matter of seconds, and left my lips slightly swollen (in a good way). It looked really natural, and I can see this becoming an everyday staple, it's so flattering. 


Rouge Bunny Rouge Swell Bliss XXX Lip Plump

Rouge Bunny Rouge Swell Bliss Lip Plump Acacia Royal Jelly


Rouge Bunny Rouge's lipsticks are stunning, I really recommend checking them out. I love the sheer range for a lipstick/gloss hybrid; the perfect way to wear darker colours in the day and transition them into nighttime looks. Their sheerest red is Relish of Heaven, a pinky-red that would suit anyone. It's incredibly flattering and warmed up a daytime look I recently rocked, plus it's very hydrating so it feels like I was wearing lip balm. 


Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Red Lipstick Fine Spun Light Luminious Skin Wand


I'm also really impressed with the Fine-Spun Light Luminous Skin Wand, an alternative to YSL's Touche Eclat. I actually find this formula better; more moisturising, and the colour Orionis was a perfect match for Miss Pale over here. I swatched it (above) but you can barely see it  - a truly good thing for pale peeps who suffer from even the lightest concealer tones showing up orange. It has light-reflecting pigments that make me look less tired, and it was also a dab hand for highlighting my brow bone for more natural makeup looks. 


Rouge Bunny Rouge Luminous Skin Wand Under Eye Concealer


I'm in love with Rouge Bunny Rouge's Diaphanous Impalpable Finishing Powder. Not only is it super soft and fine, it worked a treat on making any large pores appear smoothed over. It doesn't just lighten and brighten, the active ingredients reduce the production of oily sebum, and brilliantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it comes in an exquisite box that I cannot bring myself to throw away – it would make such a nice gift for a makeup lover. 


Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous Impalpable Finishing Powder


They also kindly sent me some samples of their three primers, each one designed to give you a different skin finish from matte velvet to shimmery glow. I've only tried the Aqua Primer so far, and it's incredibly hydrating – perfect for winter skin that has to face both cold winds and indoor heating. Finally, I have three perfume samples, and they are as whimsical and enchanting as you'd expect from Rouge Bunny Rouge, check out their beautiful perfume stories and bottles. 


Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea Of Illumination 008 Champagne Highlighter


To get some Rouge Bunny Rouge in your life just use code RBR-PROSECCODIARIES20 at the till and you'll get 20% off until the end of February 2016. They also have an amazing deal at the moment where you get a free kohl pencil with each Long Lasting Eye Shadow (whilst stocks last), plus a few other makeup and fragrance deals worth checking out. Spend over 50 Euros to get free worldwide delivery. I'm so excited about this magical, enchanting brand, and want to try everything! 


Rouge Bunny Rouge Sale Discount Code



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