Tattoo Removal Journey – Part Three

Picosure Tattoo Removal


Wow, what a difference three PicoSure treatments can make. You can see a huge change from part one of my tattoo removal story where the ridiculous inking on my shoulder was jet black – now it’s a mere smudge (feel free to check out part two¬†whilst you’re at it). It’s definitely an exciting feeling, to be told by the Pulse Light Clinic that I will probably only need one more treatment after this and then it’s totally gone, but also very weird when I think about how long this little piece of artwork, as stupid as it is, has been a part of my body, and how it will just vanish from existence. For treatment three the PicoSure laser was turned up even higher and I definitely had to steady myself as the hot flicking feeling on my skin intensified. It was over in seconds though, but left me with a bruise this time, instead of a scab. We’re getting deeper now, I’m told. The laser therapist tells me she was working on a woman who is having a whole sleeve removed, and will have a totally ‘clean’ arm again. So if I’m thinking it’s going to be odd without my teensy shoulder tat, I can’t imagine the body-changing weirdness that sleeve lady is going through – she must be thankful that PicoSure is super fast. My next appointment is in January, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how much treatment three makes it fade over the next two months. I’ve been told to massage it every day to help break down and expel the ink… massage away the memories and the regret, I can do that.


Pulse Light Clinic have offered me free PicoSure treatment in return for this series of reviews.



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