Part Two Of My Tattoo Removal Journey

Tattoo Removal


Two months ago I started the journey that would result in my god-awful tattoo being permanently erased from existence. You can read part one here, and find out how I came to have this shoddy ‘artwork’ on my shoulder, and why I chose a PicoSure laser for my treatment. You’ll also be able to see just how impressive one treatment has been in fading my terrible tat. PicoSure laser treatments are given every two months at the Pulse Light Clinic┬áin order to give your body time to expel the ink that the laser breaks down. What I noticed about treatment two is that it was slightly more painful (like elastic bands being flicked at the skin), and instead of blanching white like last time, my tattoo immediately went an angry red. I was told that this is because there’s less ink on the surface this time, so the laser has been made stronger to penetrate deeper down. I took the photo (below) two days after the session, and you can see it’s starting to scab. I was told to keep applying vaseline until any redness went and the skin was soft again, and then to apply Bio-oil daily to prevent any scarring.

I’m really excited to see so much progress, and cannot wait until my next appointment in two months’ time to do another set of before and after photos. I’m loving how quick, efficient and informative the laser technicians at Pulse Light Clinic are; I’m in and out of there in ten minutes flat and have all my questions answered. And yes, my arms really are this white, which came up frequently in my feedback from part one. What can I say – maybe I’ll be more confident with getting them out in the sun once this tattoo has been lasered into oblivion. Have you had any tattoo removal? I’d be interested to know how well they turn out.


Removing A Tattoo


Pulse Light Clinic have offered me free PicoSure treatment in return for this series of reviews.



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