Audrey Hepburn Blogger Event At The National Portrait Gallery

Audrey Hepburn


The National Portrait Gallery opened up it's doors before opening hours to give a group of fashion and lifestyle bloggers a private viewing of the new Audrey Hepburn Exhibition. Before I explain a bit more about this photographic show, can we take a moment to appreciate how stylish bloggers can make gallery-browsing look. Haaa! I think Audrey would have approved of the effortless style on display. 


Audrey Hepburn Exhibition

Blogger Event at National Portrait Gallery

Bloggers see Audrey Hepburn show

Audrey Hepburn Portraits

Audrey Hepburn National Portrait Gallery

Fashion Bloggers Audrey Hepburn


We were really spoilt with a welcome talk from the two curators of the show. They explained how they'd had help from Audrey's son with having access to private photos, and that it was actually her son's birthday today. They seemed really pleased about that, bless them! After the talk they spent time chatting to smaller groups of bloggers about the stories behind Audrey's many magazine covers. 


Audrey Hepburn photo curators

Audrey Hepburn Private Photos

Audrey Hepburn Magazine Covers


As well as the iconic photos of Audrey in films like Breakfast At Tiffany's, you'll see several private photos from her archive, and some stunning old editorial shots from her early days as a dancer and new-in-Hollywood actor. Even in her later life Audrey looked amazing; I don't think this lady ever had a bad photo taken. Highlights include her ballet slippers (surprisingly long, at least a size 7), and some artistic shots from celeb photographers of the time Cecil Beaton, Richard Avedon, Norman Parkinson, Irving Penn, and Frances McBean. 


Audrey Hepburn's Ballet Slippers

Audrey Hepburn Exhibition London


We were given the cutest goody bags on the way in containing Audrey-fabulous items, including some bits from the gift shop that go with the exhibition, Floris London perfume, and some Charbonnel and Walker chocolates. We also had a special discount for the shop, so I couldn't resist getting this really cute makeup bag with a quote from Audrey that I can relate to. 


National Portrait Gallery Gift Shop


If Audrey is your icon of choice you'll be delighted by the range of over seventy sumptuous images, plus the Audrey-branded gift shop wares to die for. But even if she's not, you can still be stirred by the fashion photography, the film set candids, and the private moments and stories about a twentieth century icon who is remembered for both her beauty and style, and her dedication to helping the neediest people on the planet. This chic exhibition runs until the 18th of October, and booking is recommended – especially at weekends. HUGE thanks to the National Portrait Gallery for arranging this amazing event. 


Blogger viewing of Audrey Hepburn