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Sunday Riley is the much hyped beauty brand from the States – all natural, botanical and paraben-free. I’d heard time and time again from reviews that┬ápeople see results super quick, so I was delighted to be gifted some of the brand’s best sellers.


Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil


I’ve been using these every day for almost two months now, and I can definitely concur that they are game-changing. Artemis, a cellular facial oil, helped me restore a bit of youthful glow. This amber-coloured oil is designed to balance, tone and clarify the complexion, and detoxify it of nasties. As all Sunday Riley products are chemical free, the smells are, shall we say – interesting. They definitely take a bit of getting used to. Now I’ve been using Artemis for a while I can always smell the lemon undertones and I like that it’s not unnaturally scented. It has pink grapefruit to fight redness, black cumin seed to fight premature ageing, lemon myrtle for purifying, and omega 3 from flax seed for that glow. I love the way this makes my skin look and feel, and it’s definitely something I’ll be stocking up on again. I’d say a bottle with everyday use will last about three-four months depending on how liberally you apply it.


Sunday Riley Good Genes


Good Genes can be used as a hydrating mask, or in place of a moisturiser. It’s actually a ‘brightening, multi-tasking radiance treatment’, with 40% lactic acid to plump lines, exfoliate and refine the skin. Lemongrass boosts circulation, whilst anti-inflammatory liquorice brightens skin and arnica boosts circulation. Again, the smell isn’t the best, but boy does this get to work quickly and leave skin soft and brightened. Whilst you sleep this retinoid oil battles wrinkles, large pores, and damaged skin to restore the complexion. Healthy sounding ingredients like cold-pressed avocado, chia, and grape-seed oil leave you with firmer skin, and sort any redness or damage from the sun, pollution or just blumming old mother-time. You won’t be surprised by this stage in the review to learn that it doesn’t smell the freshest, but if you can get past that as you drift off to sleep, you’ll love the results come morning. My tip is to rub it in well, and to put it on as soon as you get home and cleanse the skin (if you’re not going out again later) so that your bed-sheets don’t suffer blue transfer, and you get more benefits from the product staying on your skin longer.

All in all, Sunday Riley is a pretty exciting brand. Forget the smells, it’s all about products that over-deliver what they promise, leaving you with the skin you’ve wanted for ages. I’m just getting in to facial oils, and for me they’re probably the skincare product that gives you the best results for the least effort. I feel that regularly using these three products has made my skin noticeably smoother and more radiant. If you were only going to get one I would definitely recommend Artemis.



  1. May 17, 2015 / 12:36 pm

    Really can’t wait to try this! The night oil sounds incredible and at times I do like a bit of a funky smell and odd colour, showing how natural it is.
    Im enjoying your blog! Started reading it when I was in South Korea to keep up to date with everything back home – it’s ace!

  2. May 17, 2015 / 9:59 pm

    Thanks so much, Faye. That’s lovely of you! Welcome to prosecco town! I know what you mean about natural products, and this one is a goodun! x

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