Cambridge Satchel Traitor


I got myself a nice new shiny Cambridge Satchel in yellow. I love it! So well made, so cute and retro, and such a delightful colour. I would love it a lot more if I didn’t feel like such a TRAITOR to my old Cambridge satchel, which seems to be sitting, staring at me. Judging me for abandoning it.

I got my pink satchel in 2011 just as the Cambridge Satchel Company was getting huge. I remember calling them to see what was happening with my order, and a really sweet, apologetic lady was telling me that they were overwhelmed with new customers and had just moved to a proper factory after having been based in a kitchen! I just felt really pleased for them, despite it taking me forever and a day to get my new bag. It was worth it when it arrived, so shiny, so well-made, so cute and retro, etc etc.

I have to say hands down, over the past two years this has been the one accessory that I have been complimented on the most. Complete strangers have come up to me many a time to ask where I got it, to say how nice it is, or to say they had one of these when they were younger. I have given out the Cambridge Satchel Company website details to so many people! Over time (and probably over-used) my pink satchel has become a little tired and flimsy. That’s the thing with leather, it softens and stretches and cracks, it loses its shape. There was an inbetween stage when the satchel (actually, it’s a batchel because it has a handle) was just starting to crack and it looked cool and vintagey. It’s not quite falling apart yet, but it has definitely lost shape and passed beyond a vintage distressed look. You can see it when the two are compared – the handle doesn’t stand up anymore, the front fold droops a fair bit.



It has stretched out a lot inside, making it a lot wider. You can’t really tell in these photos, but the surface of the pink bag is completely cracked. More akin to snakeskin than the smooth leather it once was. Anyway, I don’t want to criticise my pink satchel. We all get older and cracks begin to show. It’s just how it goes. But using a new, hotter model is making me feel a bit wretched. I wonder if this a syndrome Cambridge Satchel have come across before? Satchel guilt? Or Satchel Treachery? The only cure as I can see it is to buy more cambridge satchels so that I can spread the guilt across several bags, and make sure I still use my beloved original pink often.